Market Trends

Size of the domestic wedding market

The size of the market for weddings, banquets, and reception parties in Japan is huge, at around 1.4 trillion yen.
Market size of wedding ceremony, wedding reception and wedding party
The top 10 companies account
for only 23%

Change in the number of couples registering their marriage

The number of couples getting married has been on a slight downward trend since before the COVID-19 pandemic, against the backdrop of the declining birthrate and trend toward late marriage. Despite being further affected by the pandemic, it still maintains at a level of around 500,000 couples per year. While the number of attendees is expected to recover in the future, the number of couples holding wedding ceremonies at NOVARESE has remained strong—despite a temporarily decrease due to the pandemic—and reached a record high in 2022.

Market environment

Percentage of marriage-based ceremonies**

Weddings are a consumer experience in which participants celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Although the percentage of couples choosing not to hold wedding ceremonies increased during the pandemic, we are now seeing a recovery. In addition, since we handle all ceremonies, we can respond flexibly to changes in the format of marriage-based ceremonies.

Change in sales and numbers of ceremonies in the wedding venue industry compared to the same month in 2019

Cost per guest

Weddings are an important once-in-a-lifetime event, and the number of couples wishing to incorporate their own particular preferences is increasing. Due to the rise in the average age of first marriage, cost per wedding guest is increasing tendency, as more couples place importance not only on the meaning of their wedding and reception, but also on the hospitality they provide to their invited guests.
Cost per wedding guest

Factors that increase the cost per wedding guest

Percentage of banquets and reception parties by venue

More than 60% of couples who hold banquets and reception parties choose one of our guest houses or specialized venues. This percentage is increasing, and the trend has remained unchanged, even during the pandemic.

Percentage of banquets and reception parties by venue*