Guiding Principles / Charter of Corporate Conduct
At NOVARESE, each member of staff takes pride in themselves and their work and strives to improve our services, with thorough commitment to the quality of our products. Here, we set forth our Guiding Principles for each NOVARESE staff member, and our Charter of Corporate Conduct.

Guiding Principles

Creating Added Value

We always strive to create something new, that does not exist in the world.

Respect for Individuality

We always value individuality, and value the vitality that arises when diverse people come together.

Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction

We always listen to our customers, and strive to actualize their needs and requirements.

Charter of Corporate Conduct

We believe that it is the responsibility of a company to try and build a trusting relationship with society. To reaffirm the spirit of this idea, we have established the following six principles based on social norms as our Charter of Corporate Conduct, and base our actions on them.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with laws, regulations, and social norms, including international rules, and act with good sense. We engage in transactions in fairness, transparency, and free competition.

2. Protection of customer information and personal information

We pay due consideration to the protection of customer information and personal information acquired in the course of our corporate activities, and endeavor to manage information appropriately, to prevent the unlikely occurrence of a leak.

3. Social contribution and development of local communities

We contribute to the development of culture by providing moving emotional experiences, and contribute to the realization of rich, bright, cheerful, and healthy lifestyles as a good corporate citizen. We will also engage in management that contributes to the development of local communities.

4. Active initiatives to address environmental issues

We recognize that addressing environmental issues is an essential condition for the existence and activities of a company, and actively address them by providing environmentally friendly products and services.

5. Information disclosure

We actively communicate with wider society and disclose appropriate corporate information in a fair and timely manner.

6. Resolute stance on antisocial forces

We take a resolute stance on antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society.