Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Rock your life
We want to be a company that provides vitality to society.

At NOVARESE, we enrich the lives of each and every person we meet by moving their hearts and arousing their emotions. We want to be a company that energizes people and society in this way. That has been our wish since the time of our founding.

Core Values

Live for others.
Live every day to the fullest, for the world and for other people.
Happiness lies beyond.
The core focus of NOVARESE is to abandon self-interest and work to make the people of the world happy in everything we do.

Origin of the company’s name

The company name NOVARESE is instilled with our desire to be a company that continues to deliver moving emotional experiences and energy to our customers and the people of the world. NOVARESE’s business, services, products, space, time, and staff themselves are all connected to the meaning of NO/VA/RE/SE (Notable, Valuable, Renovate, Sensational).

About the logo

Our logo features a stylized version of the initial letter of NOVARESE (“N/n”) rotated into different positions around the central axis of a circle and arranged in various orientations. It symbolizes how each staff member is working toward their own dreams and goals, respecting each other’s individuality, and forming a circle that represents NOVARESE itself.