Our People

Since our founding in 2000, based on our philosophy that “people and environment are everything,” we have placed the very highest emphasis on recruitment, education, and creating an appealing workplace environment, and have worked rigorously in these areas. As a result of these efforts, we have created a team of talented human resources who enable us to provide quality services to our customers.

Our human resource management cycle


To train excellent human resources who will act as a source of growth, we believe that it is important to instill them with our corporate philosophy.

We run approximately 100 types of original training programs, developed in-house.

Human resources development
Since our founding, we have positioned human resources development as a key management issue. By hiring and training human resources who are aligned with our corporate management philosophy, we promote deeper understanding and penetration. We continuously run over 100 original training programs, all of which are developed and implemented in-house.
Training for Prospective
offer of employment)
Group training for three days (two nights). Participants are divided into teams of six to compete in a walking rally in which they visit around 100 designated locations around Lake Hamana in Shizuoka Prefecture, solving the problems asked at each location and aiming to reach the goal exactly within the time limit. The aim of the exercise is to foster the teamwork necessary for the management of wedding banquets and the ability to solve sudden problems that may occur.
New Employee Training
Group training held over the course of around two weeks. In addition to dialogues with top-level management and desk-based study of our corporate philosophy, industry knowledge, and business etiquette, trainees also engage in wedding banquet service exercises and wedding dress fitting experiences.
Star Training
Star training is one of our training programs for new employees. Employees who were selected as MVP for the year give lectures and answer questions from new employees.
Job Class-specific Training
New employees (new graduates and mid-career hires), young employees (second to third year), mid-level employees (fourth to fifth year), managers and leaders are divided into 10 class levels. We run around 100 class-specific basic training, task-specific training, and job-specific training programs.
Job-specific Training
We conduct web training and group training in which experts in each job type explain key points of wedding meetings, new customer service, and dress coordination through instructional videos.
Business Skills Training
A short online seminar for all employees who want to deepen their learning voluntarily, regardless of job type or class. Themes include work organization skills, listening skills, and human resources development / resilience.
We are working to expand our range of e-learning programs that allow employees to deepen their level of learning according to their proficiency, regardless of time or place. In addition to various training materials and manuals, we have uploaded over 200 training videos shot by job type, task, and customer service scenario.
Training to improve interviewing skills
Training for 1-on-1 meetings to boost morale, led by employees certified as career consultants.


Through our comprehensive welfare programs and diverse personnel systems, we have created an environment where both male and female employees can work comfortably in the long term.

Return to work rate for female employees

*1 Source: Work-Life Balance Promotion and Evaluation Subcommittee, Work-Life Balance Report 2020 (latest version)

Turnover rate

*2 Source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), 1989 Employment Trend Survey Results Overview

Ranking by employee reviews*1

Overall rating


Staff morale


Openness and transparency


Mutual respect among staff


Growth in 20s

*1 Source: Openwork website, ranking of companies in the “Food service and Food&Bevarage” category (Vokers categorization) (as of January 31, 2024)

Certifications and Awards

Certified as a “Kurumin” company that supports childcare by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Selected as a 2014 “Nadeshiko Brand” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Certified for the second time as a “Kurumin” company that supports childcare by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Corporate Awards
Woman Bright Award 2016
Japan HR Challenge Awards Encouragement Award
Woman Empower Endorsement Company Awards Special Award
Great Place to Work® Institute Japan “Best Workplaces” Award
Selected as a best workplace in the “100–999 employee” category
Woman Empower Endorsement Company Awards Special Award
Women Empower Award Grand Prize

Employee welfare

We are focused on creating a workplace environment where staff will want to work harder.

Paid leave
Making paid leave 100% mandatory

NOVARESE requires employees to take 100% of their paid leave. This is a system through which we are working to enrich the hearts and minds of our staff and have a positive impact on our customers.

Refreshment leave systemThirty days of refreshment leave are granted every three years.

With this leave system, staff are given 30 days of leave once every three years, which they can use to refresh themselves. This leave can be obtained freely, for no specific reason (such as childcare or nursing care).

ROCK day

ROCK day leave is granted by the company twice a year. Based on our corporate philosophy “Rock your life,” it was named with the hope that it will be used to Rock (emotionally move) the hearts of both employees themselves and their loved ones.

Parental leave
Up to a maximum of 3 years

NOVARESE allows employees to take parental / childcare leave until their child reaches the age of three. While many Japanese companies generally allow childcare leave for up to one year, or one year and six months as stipulated by law, extending childcare leave until the child reaches the age of three—when there are a large number of nursery school enrollment slots—can increase the possibility of employees finding a nursery school for their children.

Nova Kids system

A system under which the company covers the cost of employees leaving a child with a babysitter in order to go to work. It was established to fulfill the wishes of staff to go to work, and to create an environment in which every employee can continue to shine, regardless of their stage in life.

Flex career system

A system that allows employees to consult with the company and change their working style, such as working hours and days. This enables employees to continue working as full-time employees (in terms of employment type) while adjusting their working hours according to their life stage.

Side job system (Para Nova)

A side job system created to expand possibilities by allowing staff to gain diverse experiences through side jobs or “parallel work.” (The system is commonly known as Para Nova.) This system was born out of the desire to facilitate self-growth and enrich the lives of staff, and is already being used by many staff members.

(Remo Nova)

This system makes it possible for employees to work from home for some job types when it is difficult for them to come to the office due to unavoidable circumstances, such as distant location due to a spouse’s work transfer, or an employee’s own illness.

Up to two million yen
Scholarship loan repayment support system

A system whereby the company provides up to two million yen to staff to repay scholarship loans. Employees with between five and ten years of service with the company are eligible At two milestones, up to one million yen will be paid for each unpaid portion.

10th year of service anniversary
Overseas travel

In recognition of the hard work and achievements of staff who have been with the company for ten years and the contributions they have made to our company, we offer the present of an overseas trips spent with their colleagues (who have been in service the same number of years).

MVP of the year
Prize money up to one million yen

The MVP systems is a system to honor staff who have performed the best during a given year. There are seven categories: Production, Wedding Costumes, Restaurants (6), Rookie of the Year, Head Office Staff, and Indirect Store Staff, with prizes of up to one million yen.

Hall of Fame
1.2 million yen each year (in perpetuity)

Employees who have won the MVP award several times and who are nominated for the award every year receive a platinum company lapel pin and a credit card that allows them to freely use 1.2 million yen each year, every year, for as long as they are enrolled as NOVARESE employees.

FA system allowing department transfer negotiations

The FA system allows departments that need human resources to post internal “job advertisements” on the company intranet, as one means of revitalizing the company from within. Staff interested in these ads can communicate directly with the recruiting department and negotiate a transfer, without informing their superiors.

Novarese Revolution

Novarese Revolution is a new business proposal system that supports internal ventures. (It is commonly known as Nova Revo.) There is a grand prize of one million yen, and over 100 entries are received each year. Among the many new business proposals received, those that are feasible will be backed by the company and turned into actual businesses.

Competition support system

Chefs, pastry chefs, and service staff will be paid up to 30,000 yen for ingredients necessary to prepare for participation in company-designated cooking and service competitions, as well as transportation and accommodation expenses necessary for participation. This system is designed to offer company support for participation in such competitions.

Come back job offers

This is an initiative to open the door to former employees who wish to rejoin the company, and actively rehire them. Recruitment is conducted continuously in the in-house newsletter “Novavita,” which is also distributed to former employees.