Disclosure Policy

(1) Basic policy

NOVARESE, Inc. (the “Company”) discloses information according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other laws and regulations, and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (“TSE”). Even when information does not fall under the scope of disclosure based on the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company considers information that is likely to affect investors’ investment decisions to be important corporate information, and strives to disclose such information promptly and fairly.

(2) Method of disclosure and disclosure to third parties

Important corporate information is disclosed through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by TSE. The Company also takes care to ensure that such information is communicated to investors, such as by posting it on the Company’s website.

(3) Approach to forward-looking statements

All current Company plans, forecasts, strategies, and other non-historical statements published on the Company’s website constitute forward-looking statements with respect to future performance that reflect the judgments of the Company based on information available at the current time. Please be aware that actual results may differ from these statements.

(4) Silent period

To prevent leaks of financial results, the period from the day after the closing date of each quarter until the publication of information relating to financial results for that quarter is designated as a silent period, during which the Company refrains from responding to any comments or inquiries regarding the financial results prior to their announcement. However, if an event that falls under the scope of disclosure based on the Timely Disclosure Rules occurs during the silent period, or if the earnings forecast announced in advance is expected to fluctuate significantly and disclosure is deemed necessary during this period, the Company will disclose information on such events or fluctuations as appropriate.