Asked Questions

Questions about the company

Q. When was the company founded?
A. The company was founded on November 1, 2000.
Q. What is the origin of the company name?
A. The company name NOVARESE is instilled with our desire to be a company that continues to deliver moving emotional experiences and energy to our customers and the people of the world.
Q. Give details of your business activities.
A.Please click here for details of our business activities.
Q. How many employees do you have?
A. As of the end of December 2022 we have a total of 2,578 group employees (consolidated), 2,098 of whom work for the company itself (non-consolidated). Both of these figures include part-time employees.
Q. Tell us about the market size and market trends in the bridal industry.
A. Please click here for details of market size and market trends.
Q. Tell us about recruitment at NOVARESE.
A. Recruitment information is posted on our recruitment page.

Questions about financial results and finances

Q. When does your fiscal year end?
A. Our fiscal year ends on December 31.
Q. When do you announce your financial results?
A. Please refer to the IR calendar.
Q. Where can I find financial results information?
A. Financial results information is posted in our IR library.
Q. Where can I find financial data?
A. Financial data is posted in the business results and financial information section.
Q. Are there any seasonal fluctuations?
A. Yes, there are.
Typically, there are fewer weddings in Japan during summer and winter, and more weddings in spring (March–May) and fall (September–November), when the weather is better.

Questions about stocks

Q. When was the company’s stock listed?
A. The stock was listed on June 30, 2023.
Q. Which market are you listed on?
A. We are listed on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Q. What is the company’s stock code?
Q. What is the trading unit for the company’s shares?
A. One unit is 100 shares.
Q. Do you engage in stock splits?
A. We have no record of stock splits.
Q. When is the general meeting of shareholders held?
A. It is planned to be held in late March. For other IR-related schedules, please refer to the IR calendar.
Q. Tell us about your dividend policy.
Q. Tell us about annual dividend amounts.
A. We position the return of profit to our shareholders as an important management issue. However, we are not paying dividends for the fiscal year under review in order to strengthen future business development and management structure, and to secure the necessary internal reserves.
Q. What procedures should we take for stock transfer, address change, or other similar matters?
A. Please refer to the shareholder and stock information section (stock-related procedures).